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A partnership based on trust.

International & Domestic Freight Forwarding

Provides a one stop solution for all your domestic and international logistic needs.

Air & Sea Cargo

Offers you an extensive range of Air & Sea Cargo services such as FCL, LCL, etc. with our good relationship with several major airlines & shipping companies.

Transhipment & Feedering Arrangements

Provides customers with reliable transhipment & feedering solutions that are customized to provide maximum productivity.

Plan Your Logistics

We have a professional and dedicated management team comprising of qualified, experienced and competent personnel well versed in all logistics oriented activities who are able to work with utmost diligence for the interest of our valued Customers. We have worldwide network of business associates and agents. Our driving philosophy remains as it was in the beginning to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

Adhigana Global Logistics

ADHIGANA offers excellent customer friendly services and innovative solutions. We also provide timely and accurate reports and communication, meeting deadlines. With our professional expertise and well planned execution, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.